Carousell Rewards

Redeem up to 4% CoinsBack

The more Coins you spend, the more CoinsBack you can redeem!

How does it work?

Carousell Rewards is a loyalty programme that we’re officially launching in February 2020, rewarding sellers for spending Coins on Bumps (and Bump Scheduler), Spotlight, Listing Fees and/or Profile Promotions with CoinsBack.

There are 3 reward tiers:

Terms and conditions

  • Coins spent on Bumps or Bump Scheduler, Spotlight, Listing Fees and/or Profile Promotions will be eligible
  • Coins spent is accumulated within the same month
  • Eligible users will be able to redeem CoinsBack when they successfully opt in within the specified time period, by replying ‘YES’ to our opt-in message (eligible users will receive this message via chat)
  • CoinsBack will be in the form of free Coins which are valid for 30 days from the day they are credited
  • CoinsBack is capped at 3,000 Coins per month for all reward tiers

Still have questions about Carousell Rewards?

Have a look at our FAQs or start a chat with us.