Success Stories

November 25, 2022

mobilerelation: Buyers get a sense of security with the InstantBuy warranty program

Mobile Relation was established in 2018 specialising in the buying and selling of electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, ipads, laptops and earphones among others. They took their business to Carousell in 2013. Their best-selling products are mostly Apple products.   They chose Carousell as a selling platform they felt it was “very user-friendly, creative
Carousell User Story for eCommerce
August 17, 2022

beautifully_simple: Carousell users already know what they want to buy before searching

 Magdalene started Carousell for personal use in 2017, selling her pre-loved goods. She had just sold her spacious landed property home to move into a smaller HDB flat, which meant she didn’t have enough space for everything to move along with her. This prompted her to start a Carousell account to sell her items. Her
Carousell Success Story for online business
July 06, 2022

hmezsofa: People looking for good deals go straight to Carousell

 “Carousell is the way to go especially for start-ups. Once you see the results, you will be glad you chose Carousell” – Hwee, @hmezsofa Since 2018, Hwee — the founder of HMEZSOFA — has been selling high-quality and long-lasting pieces of furniture on Carousell. When it comes to home renovations, customisable furniture tends to be
Carousell Success Story for ecommerce business
June 09, 2022

cleantricsolutions: From a two-man show to a 70-strong workforce

Through Carousell, we have grown from a two-man show to a 70-strong workforce in the span of 4 years! – Firdaus, @cleantricsolutions Firdaus’ business model was initially catered towards the B2B audience. They had wanted to transit into the B2C industry as well, so their main consideration was a platform with good traction and a
Carousell Success Story for making money online
April 21, 2022

bizkut: CarouBiz Booster Package gave me the ‘boost’ I needed

I am humbled to say that with the seller tools, we made about a 60% increase in sales. And immediately, it got so busy that I had to open a physical shop. Hi, I’m Alfiyan and I have been selling cycling apparel on Carousell for over 8 years now. Bizkut started 11 years ago with
CarouBiz Booster Package Success Stories
March 10, 2022

partytheorysg: Always believe in yourself because if you don’t, who will?

Business has been great so far especially from enquiries via Carousell since 2017. We also started our own website 2 years later. There’s revenue from both sides and I would say about 80% comes from Carousell. – Nabeelah, partytheorysg Tell us about yourself and your business on Carousell! Hi I’m Nabeelah, and I started partytheorysg