Bump Up Your Sales

You’ve invested a lot of time and money in your business, so you want to maximize your chances of connecting with buyers. Bump boosts your listing’s visibility by taking it to the top of its category and is the easiest way to reach buyers, so you sell more – and faster.

I spend around $500 on Bumps each month and can typically get $20,000 in sales.


Why Bump?

Instant Visibility

A Bump launches a listing to the top of its category where more potential buyers will see it.

Proven Returns

Bumps can help you reach up to 90% more buyers and prompt up to 40% more chats.

Carousell Bump
Flexible Choices

Three types of Bumps tailored to match how quickly you’d like to make a sale.

Full Control

Save time and schedule your Bumps in advance with our new Bump Scheduler.

Choose the right Bump

Find the right Bump to immediately grow your reach by clicking the ‘Promote’ button on your listing. Each Bump refreshes the timestamp and sends your listing to the top of its category.

Urgent Bump Instant Bump
A quick and instant boost that you can repeat at any time
Instant Bump 3-Day Bump
Urgent Bump 3-Day Bump
One boost per day, repeated at the same time on 3 consecutive days
3-Day Bump Instant Bump
Instant Bump Urgent Bump
Two boosts that are 3 hours apart per day, repeated at the same time on 3 consecutive days
Urgent Bump 3-Day Bump

Bump Scheduler

With our new Bump Scheduler tool, you can now customize the frequency of your Bumps.

Save time and schedule your Bumps in advance!

Step 1:
Check out Bump Scheduler on Promote page
Step 2:
Select day(s), frequency and week(s) to Bump

Bulk Bump

We made Bump more flexible for you!

Introducing Bulk Bump, a more efficient way to create visibility campaigns for sellers with a large number of listings – allowing you to purchase Bump for up to 50 listings at once.


How to purchase Bulk Bump*?

  1. Head over to your profile page and select ‘Bump now’ under the promotion display
  2. Select ‘Bulk Bump’, choose your preferred listing range option (up to 50 listings) and Bump frequency
  3. Your most recent active listings will be chosen for Bulk Bump

*Bulk Bump feature is available for users with more than 20 active listings

When should I Bump?

The key to selling on Carousell is to be highly visible. Sellers should be creative in trying to gain more views. A Bump works best if:

  1. You have only one item and want to sell it fast
  2. You have a small budget and just need a quick boost of visibility
  3. You want to control when exactly your listing appears at the top of the marketplace

If you have multiple units of an item and want longer-term visibility, a Spotlight may work better for you.

A smart and easy investment

Selling on Carousell means that you don’t have to pay the registration fees and commissions other sites may charge.


A Bump can be purchased using Carousell Coins, which can be bought in bulk with discounted bundles.

An affordable investment– each Bump starts at just ₱49. Prices vary with demand, but this helps to keep your Bumped listing at the top for longer.

We heard you

Our community of sellers wanted a tool that would speed up sales and responses to promotions. We came up with Bump.

Our data shows that Bumping a listing helps you reach up to 90% more
potential buyers and prompts a 40% increase in chats, more than doubling your chances of a sale.

Reach up to


more potential buyers
Prompts a


increase in chats

Ready to Bump your listing?