Carousell for Business

CarouBiz lets you enjoy additional business tools designed to help grow your business. Lay down a strong foundation for your profile with tools like video listings, profile cover photo and custom collections to further maximize sales when you buy Carousell Ads.

Why CarouBiz?

Video listing

Get 4x more clicks and 50% more leads by advertising with videos ranging from 3s to 30s

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Custom collections

Organise and showcase your best-selling products, latest listings, promotions and more.

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Profile cover photo

Upload an image of your choice and customise it to highlight your brand or promotions

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Premium Seller Badge
Premium seller badge

Gain buyers’ confidence and stand out with a Premium Seller Badge

Business analytics

Discover insights with a monthly email performance report

Stand out with Video Listings

Tap on the ‘Sell’ button to create a new listing, or edit an existing listing.

Select any video ranging from 3 to 30 seconds, and simply create your listing as usual.

Video listings help build buyer’s trust by providing additional visual information that static images cannot.

video listing caroubiz
custom collection caroubiz
Curate listings with Custom Collections

Under your profile, tap on ‘Create’ under ‘Collections’.

Name and describe your collection and mark it as ‘Active’ to make it visible to everyone.

Finally, select the listings you want to add to this collection.

Level up your branding with a Profile Cover Photo

Make your store look professional and in line with your business’ branding.

Under your profile, tap on ‘Edit’ under ‘Profile cover photo’.

Choose a photo and adjust the photo to your liking.

cover photo caroubiz
caroubiz premium seller badge
Boost credibility with a Premium Seller Badge

A purple jewel-like icon will automatically display on your profile photo once you subscribe to CarouBiz.

As a verified premium seller, the badge helps to boost credibility as a trusted seller.

Know how your store is performing with a monthly Business Analytics Report

Under the ‘Edit Profile’ tab, enter the email address you’d like to receive reports from.

Go to ‘Notifications’ in the Carousell app settings and tick ‘Marketing and promotions’.

A performance report will be sent to your inbox monthly.

CarouBiz subscription plans

Designed for online sellers who want to scale up their businesses

CarouBiz Lite Annual

17% discount

Save more when you upgrade your monthly CarouBiz subscription to an annual subscription

CarouBiz Lite Monthly


*CarouBiz subscription plan is only available in the Philippines via the Carousell app.

CarouBiz Terms of Service.

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