Carousell Coins, our in-app currency, can be used to purchase Carousell Ads. Get your listings in front of the right buyers, grow your reach, and increase
your sales.

Easily set your marketing budget and track spending with Coins History. You can also buy discounted Coin bundles to get the most value out of them.

Coins: The Basics

  1. Get your Coins on our iOS or Android App
  2. Just head to your profile, and select “Get Coins”

Save with Coin bundles Using Coins Get some Coins
Maximise the value of your Coin bundle purchase and save up to 21% when you buy on Carousell web.

How to access bundles on Carousell web:
Simply click on your profile and head to the 'Coins' tab, click on 'Get Coins' and choose from the list of coin bundles.

Allow “Marketing and Promotions” notifications in your app settings to stay on top of ongoing promotions.
Save with Coin bundles Using Coins Get some Coins
Carousell Coins can only be used to purchase Carousell Ads, including Bump, Spotlight, Package Ads or Profile Promotion

You can set a budget for monthly promotions or keep track of your Carousell Ads spending under Coins History

Note that Coins cannot be used to buy any other goods or services, and are only valid in the country in which they were purchased
Get some Coins Save with Coin Bundles Using Coins

Know when your Coins expire

Tap on ‘Get Coins’ to check your Coin balance and when they expire.

Keep track of your spending under Coins History.

Learn how to check via Carousell web here.

Try our visibility features with Carousell Coins!

Learn the easiest way to promote your listings with our Bump feature.


Still have questions about Coins?

Have a look at our FAQs or start a chat with us to learn more about our in-app currency.