InstantBuy Electronics


What is InstantBuy Electronics? 

InstantBuy Electronics* is Carousell’s latest feature that provides a trusted shopping experience for users to buy pre-loved electronics.


Buyers can now browse and shop with assurance that products are inspected, certified, and provided with warranty options. Trusted sellers are curated by Carousell to ensure buyers get the best experience with secondhand, and sellers get high quality buyers.

*Currently only applies to Mobile Phones & Tablets

Life has been easier with InstantBuy. Now we can focus on buyers who have legitimate questions and have high-intent in purchasing our products. We saw an increase in transactions and I’m very happy with InstantBuy.

– Thai,

increase in impressions

increase in sales

monthly revenue

6 month warranty
100% functional
7 day returns

Giving buyers peace of mind

Buyer Protection Promise

InstantBuy Electronics listings provide buyers the option to purchase 6 months of warranty so buyers can buy secondhand with confidence.

For every 6 months of warranty service purchased by buyers, sellers will need to borne the cost of the 1st month of warranty service. Carousell will cover the remaining 5 months.


InstantBuy Electronics sellers only need to pay a 6% commission fee for each successful transaction.

Benefits of InstantBuy Electronics


» List up to 2,000 products

» InstantBuy badge

» Search filter differentiating InstantBuy from regular listings 

» Quick and auto reply features

» Dedicated account manager

» Payments within 3 days after successful delivery

» Only pay cost of 1 month for 6 months worth of warranty service

» Less than 1% of buyers return their purchases when bought through InstantBuy


» Certified quality products with condition report

» 6 months warranty service

» Option to return within 7 days according to returns policy

» Flexible payment methods for buyers including PayLah!, PayNow, credit cards and Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) with Atome (4% additional transaction fee)

How do I list with InstantBuy Electronics?

We handpick our partners by selecting those who have an excellent track record on Carousell, are committed to adhering to the standards of InstantBuy and have at least 30 listings under ‘Mobile & Tablets’.

Stand out with InstantBuy Electronics

Please note that only eligible sellers will be contacted. 

  1. A 6% commission fee for each successful transaction through InstantBuy Electronics
  2. The cost of the first month of warranty service for every 6 months worth of warranty service purchased by the buyer. Carousell covers the cost of the remaining 5 months.

Scenario where items are eligible for returns is if the item is not as described. Buyers have to raise this issue within 24 hours of receiving the item for an eligible return. 


Example of an item not as described:

  • Flaws or defects that were not mentioned in the listing description


To avoid this, provide an accurate description of your items and include close-ups in your listings.

For full FAQ on InstantBuy Electronics, please see here.