InstantBuy Luxury


What is InstantBuy Luxury? 

InstantBuy Luxury* is Carousell’s latest feature, providing a trusted shopping experience for users to buy pre-loved luxury goods like bags, watches, and sneakers. 

Buyers can now browse and shop a large collection of luxury items, with the assurance that items are of good quality and authenticated by a curated list of trustworthy sellers, or else get a money-back guarantee.

It is our commitment to make Carousell a trusted and secure marketplace.


*InstantBuy Luxury is only available in Singapore.

Why join InstantBuy Luxury?

As an InstantBuy seller, your InstantBuy listings will be featured and promoted with more visibility.

InstantBuy listings:

  • Have an InstantBuy badge
  • Have a condition report
  • Are eligible for returns facilitated by Carousell
  • Can be filtered in search results by buyers
  • Get promoted by Carousell’s marketing campaigns


These premium benefits provide you with a premium suite of tools to customise your storefront, boost your brand and improve your operations.

Sell faster and boost your storefront with exclusive features: 

  • List up to 2,000 products
  • InstantBuy badge on listings
  • Search filter differentiating InstantBuy from regular listings 
  • Quick and auto-reply features
  • Dedicated account manager
7 day returns

Giving Carousell users peace of mind

Seller Protection Promise

We understand transacting high-value products online can be risky. This is why we’ve taken steps to ensure sellers are protected. 

In order to enjoy free returns, buyers must transact via Carousell Protection. All InstantBuy Luxury sellers will receive Carousell return tags, which are required to be attached to each InstantBuy Luxury item before it is delivered to the buyer. This tag serves as a form of identification and eligibility in the event of returns.

If an item is not as described:
The buyer must make arrangements for a return
within 24 hours.

If an item is deemed inauthentic (certified proof is required):
The buyer must make arrangements for a return within 7 days. 

In the unlikely case of disputes, our InstantBuy team will use commercially reasonable efforts to facilitate a resolution.

InstantBuy Luxury sellers only need to pay a 5% commission fee for each successful transaction.

How do I list with InstantBuy Luxury?

We handpick our partners by selecting those who have an excellent track record on Carousell, are committed to adhering to the standards of InstantBuy, and have at least 30 listings of Luxury items with proof of authenticity.

Stand out with InstantBuy Luxury

Please note that only eligible sellers will be contacted. 

Buyers have the option to return the item within 24 hours if the item received is not as described. Furthermore, if the item’s Carousell tag is damaged, the return is void.

Buyers also have the option to return the item within 7 days of receiving the item if they have certified proof that the item is not authentic.

Upon a valid return, the buyer will be refunded 100% of the transaction price, and Carousell will absorb the shipping fees for the return. Sellers also do not have to pay the 5% commission fee for returns.


The 2 scenarios where items are eligible for returns:

  1. The item is proven to be inauthentic. Buyers have to raise this within 7 days of receiving the item, with proof of inauthenticity such as by software like Entrupy, for an eligible return. 
  2. The item is not as described. Buyers have to raise this issue within 24 hours of receiving the item for an eligible return. 

Example of an item not as described:

  • It is a different material
  • Flaws or defects that were not mentioned in the listing description

To avoid this, provide an accurate description of your items and include close-ups in your listings.

For full FAQ on InstantBuy Luxury, please see here.