Listing Quotas and Fees

General Classifieds Category

As of 25 August 2020, a general quota of 30 active listings at a time per user has been implemented on the Carousell marketplace. This applies to all categories except Property, Autos, Jobs and Services.

Property, Autos, Jobs and Services* Category

Listings in these categories have a separate quota from General Classified goods and are subject to a fee once the free quotas have been used up. Refer to the section below for details.

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General Classifieds
Property, Autos, Jobs and Services
Listing status definitions

Carousell remains free to use!

Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to continue selling multiple items for FREE within the quota. With an active curation of quality listings, buyers can find what they want easily and sellers can in turn sell quicker. Sellers who wish to increase your general quota can purchase Custom quota bundles according to your needs, or CarouBiz which lets you list up to 2,000 items**.

*Services include Business/Lifestyle/Home Services and Learning & Enrichment categories.
**Listing fees still apply for Property, Autos, Jobs and Services category.

General Classifieds

If you have more than 30 listings

Your 30 most recent listings will be kept active for discovery, chats and offers. Listings exceeding the quota become inactive and will not be shown to buyers.

You can manage your active and inactive listings by going to ‘Manage quota‘ on your profile. Additional quota can be bought with custom quota bundles or with our CarouBiz subscription plans.

Property, Autos, Jobs & Services

*Services includes these categories: Lifestyle Services, Home Services, Business Services, Learning & Enrichment

How to list beyond quota

Pay using Carousell Coins for each subsequent listing to be shown to buyers in the marketplace.

Quota management

Quota is permanently used up once you’ve successfully listed or when you use your quota to mark an inactive listing as active.

Deleting or marketing a listing as sold/reserved does not free up the used quota.

Listing status definitions

For more detailed information, check out our help centre on general quotas and listing fees.